Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Life In Music?

Enya -  "Orinoco Flow" I have no idea of how old this song is or where I first heard it all I know is that it is one of my favorite. I like to listen to this song for various reasons, but one of the best is when I am studying or reading. This song keeps me focused on what I am doing and I still get to enjoy it. I also like to fall asleep to music like this just because it is so peaceful.
Panic! at the Disco - "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"  The first time I heard this song was in middle school and I instantly liked the band. I heard them from a friend of mine before this music ever played on the radio. This is one of the first bands that I had ever heard before it was big. That is another reason why I still like it so much, because I can say, "Hey I heard that song before you knew of the band ha!" I am also just fond of music by more "emo" bands.
Basshunter - "Dota" This song is great in every single way, and there are no bad things about it. First off Dota, is a mini game within World of Warcraft, which I happen to play and enjoy very much. So just knowing what the game is and playing makes me like that song that much more. But behind that just the bass line is enough to put someone in a pumped up mood or at least cheer them up a little bit. Every time I listen to this song I want to play Dota. I also am a HUGE techno and deep bass person, I like all different types of techno songs. Songs like this are also some great songs to wake up to or listen to while in the shower! Try that one out and see how much more fun it is to wash your hair.
Anamanaguchi - "Fast Turtle" This song is my favorite song to listen to while I am playing video games or cooking. I know those are two way different things but this song reminds me of both things and makes me want to eat and play video games. Might I also say eating while playing video games to this song would be the best of both worlds. This is the last song I am going to share with you guys at this time but ask me I have many more songs that describe my life and I love to listen to!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Scary Field Trip

Finding a book on my topic was difficult until I received help from our ever grateful teacher Otto. I did not know how to go about to find a book that was related to the Westboro Baptist Church, then Otto showed me how to go onto google books and find different books with Fred Phelps in them. So after that I found a book titled Courting Justice which I then did a MadCat search for and found out where the book was located. The book was not exactly on the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) or on Fred Phelps but it had a couple of pages about the WBC and talked about the founder of it Fred Phelps. So it helped me out greatly.

My book was in the Law Library and I have never been into their before, and was scared of how many people where in there and I did not want to look stupid. So I went into the building and got lost right away, so I looked around for a map of the building and figured out an entrance to the library. I got up into the area and found a piece of paper that directed me to where my book was since I had all the information written down. Around the book that I looked at was other books like this type, different encyclopedia books, and then many about woman's rights. I thought that it was a little funny that my book about the WBC was around books on women's rights. So after that I put the book back and then walked out like I knew what I was doing. That was my fun trip to the library!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Ad.

One of my favorite snacks a couple years ago was 3D Doritos. They were running a lot of ads trying to push the sale of them because they were brand new. I believe the first one was aired during one of the super bowls but I may be wrong. The commercials were always aired as people eating these Doritos but when they ate them they would always do little tricks with them. In a most of the ads it shows someone spinning the Doritos on their fingers and in the one I am writing on it shows many different tricks. The one I am doing is when an older guy walks into a store and buys Jalapeno 3D Doritos and there is a little kid in the corner eating a bag already, as the man is purchasing his he says, "Sup, man?" The little kid then follows him out onto the street and "shows" him up doing tricks with the chips and they walk off the screen together. These commercials did not last to long because for some reason the 3D Doritos were discontinued.

This ad is supposed to appeal to the younger and older consumer, to me possibly a little more toward males then females. It is convincing me to buy these chips because they taste good and are a lot of fun to eat. They are featuring that you can actually do more than just eat them you can play with them and possibly become per say good and eating them, by doing tricks. Since I have to pick one I would say that from Fowles list the need to dominate sticks out the most. This is because the little kids has to one up the older guy with each trick he does before he eats it, and you can tell by the commercial that they have done this competition before. This is another reason to why it may be directed more toward men. I would say the effectiveness really does hit for children, because this shows that they too can beat an adult at something. So then the child will want to eat these Doritos more often and buy them.