Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Scary Field Trip

Finding a book on my topic was difficult until I received help from our ever grateful teacher Otto. I did not know how to go about to find a book that was related to the Westboro Baptist Church, then Otto showed me how to go onto google books and find different books with Fred Phelps in them. So after that I found a book titled Courting Justice which I then did a MadCat search for and found out where the book was located. The book was not exactly on the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) or on Fred Phelps but it had a couple of pages about the WBC and talked about the founder of it Fred Phelps. So it helped me out greatly.

My book was in the Law Library and I have never been into their before, and was scared of how many people where in there and I did not want to look stupid. So I went into the building and got lost right away, so I looked around for a map of the building and figured out an entrance to the library. I got up into the area and found a piece of paper that directed me to where my book was since I had all the information written down. Around the book that I looked at was other books like this type, different encyclopedia books, and then many about woman's rights. I thought that it was a little funny that my book about the WBC was around books on women's rights. So after that I put the book back and then walked out like I knew what I was doing. That was my fun trip to the library!

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