Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Ad.

One of my favorite snacks a couple years ago was 3D Doritos. They were running a lot of ads trying to push the sale of them because they were brand new. I believe the first one was aired during one of the super bowls but I may be wrong. The commercials were always aired as people eating these Doritos but when they ate them they would always do little tricks with them. In a most of the ads it shows someone spinning the Doritos on their fingers and in the one I am writing on it shows many different tricks. The one I am doing is when an older guy walks into a store and buys Jalapeno 3D Doritos and there is a little kid in the corner eating a bag already, as the man is purchasing his he says, "Sup, man?" The little kid then follows him out onto the street and "shows" him up doing tricks with the chips and they walk off the screen together. These commercials did not last to long because for some reason the 3D Doritos were discontinued.

This ad is supposed to appeal to the younger and older consumer, to me possibly a little more toward males then females. It is convincing me to buy these chips because they taste good and are a lot of fun to eat. They are featuring that you can actually do more than just eat them you can play with them and possibly become per say good and eating them, by doing tricks. Since I have to pick one I would say that from Fowles list the need to dominate sticks out the most. This is because the little kids has to one up the older guy with each trick he does before he eats it, and you can tell by the commercial that they have done this competition before. This is another reason to why it may be directed more toward men. I would say the effectiveness really does hit for children, because this shows that they too can beat an adult at something. So then the child will want to eat these Doritos more often and buy them.

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